Speed Traps In Fairfax

Speed traps are areas of roads and motorways that are heavily monitored by police officers for speed violations. In areas where speeding tends to be more common, traps are set so that officers are removed from motorists. Following are Fairfax traffic attorneys discussing speeding violations and the possible defense of a speeder if he is caught if he is run over. To find out more, call us at 888-437-7747 today or schedule a consultation.

There are a lot of different speed traps. Speed traps are those that occur on roads where there are more speeders by default, or where people increase their speed because they drive slower. And it’s really easy to accelerate on these roads. A speed trap is that officials wait in a place where drivers do not necessarily brake sufficiently or immediately, resulting in many tickets being issued.

The purpose of a speed trap is somewhat controversial. The purpose of speed traps has been somewhat diluted in recent years.

Some speed traps are set up because it is difficult for many people there due to the traffic situation. It could well be argued that there are areas where it is all about earning revenue, where it simply does not seem to make sense to drive too fast and where speed is far too low to protect drivers on the road. Without police monitoring of speeders, these areas tend to be more dangerous.

However, speed traps are not always about generating revenue, but they certainly do a good job. The more dangerous the speed, the more revenue they generate.

While speed traps are perfectly legal in Virginia, they are not legal elsewhere, which is unusual as most states only have them when something is legal. For this reason, you should not expect a speed trap anywhere, as it is currently considered successful in slowing down motorists. However, there are other potential defenses that can be built without speed traps. Speed-violation protection can also be used when speed traps are completely illegal in your state. Even though these defensive measures may be applicable to your specific case, you should be vigilant and call or arrange a consultation today. Everyone should know that speed traps are common in Fairfax and are everywhere, and that the consequences of excessive speed are not worth it.