Possession of a firearm by a convicted felon in Virginia

Anyone person who is the convict for a felony, the person who is doing this will be prohibited from possessing of a firearm in Virginia Country. The possession of any firearm by a person, or by a felony in Virginia will be a separate felony in this case and he could be punished by the authorities with some mandatory minimum of the time for the guy who is the prison under the time of Virginia law code 18.2-308.2.

This status of the criminal will also criminalize the possession of the stun weapons, F47 weapons, ammunition, concealed weapons, explosives materials, in Virginia Country by a convicted felon who is convicted to these things. According to the Virginia Law code 18.2-308.2 it will be applied on everybody who was convicted felon of these crimes and was possessed for them, any person who is caught in any crime that he did a violent crime, and accepts that he did the crime at the age of 14 years or maybe he is more than this age. Or any person who committed the crime who is under 29 years old and he was expected for that crime that he did this actor criminals he would be a felony if he commits at an adult age when his age was over the age of 14 years old at the time of the criminal offense.

To convict an offender of possession of a firearm by a convicted felon charge in Virginia under Va. §18.2-308.2, the Commonwealth must prove that the offender knowingly and intentionally possessed the firearm.  This means that he knew what the weapon was and its location.  Possession can be actual or constructive.

The Commonwealth must also prove that the weapon was, in fact, one of the items prohibited by the statute to convict an offender of possession of a firearm by a felon in Virginia.  These include firearms, ammunition for a firearm, stun weapons, and explosive material, and concealed weapons.

To convict a crime, there will be a proof of possession of doing a crime with the firearm in Virginia Country, these are:

  • Firearm
  • Stun weapon
  • Ammunition for a Firearm
  • Any explosive material
  • Concealed weapons

A firearm is a type of instrument which is used by designed or in intent to expelling a projectile for the mean of explosion anything. No operable is used for it. A stun weapon is a weapon which emits a pulsed and momentary output, which may be electrical, optical or may be audible, or may be electromagnetic in its nature and designed as a temporary hunting a person. Ammunition for any firearm is defined as the combination of different projectile, cartridge, primer or propellant and was designed for use in any firearm other and different than any antique firearm. The explosive material as any chemical compound mixture, the primary which is to function by the term which includes but it is not limited or dynamite by other explosives, black powder or pellet powder.