Aggravated Sexual Battery Annapolis Maryland

In Annapolis Maryland, if he or she is abusing the complaining evidence. The witness is less than the thirteen years of age. It is done through the use of complaining witnesses who is physically or mentally helpless. This is also committed by the stepparent, grandparent o step-grandparents and the witness at the age of thirteen years old. This crime is committed against the desire of the complaining witness by forcefully. It also was done by threaten or frightening the person. The protesting witness is at the age of 13 years or at the age of 15 years of age. The accused uses the dangerous weapon to hurt the victim’s body and cause serious injuries to the victims. Aggravated Sexual Battery is punishable by the state very strictly.

After effects of the act:

Aggravated Sexual can lead to short and long-term effects. People have been experienced mentally or physical bad effects on the life of the person. It included in the severe trauma and stress and depression and sexual disorder. It also effects to the body of the person bleeding from the vagina, swelling of the walls of the vagina, bruising and also dislocated bone. It is governed by the state laws which vary from state to state. Following are some element which can be included in it.

  • Sexual Disorder
  • Post-traumatic Stress
  • Depression

Local rules and laws also are consulted for the special requirement and applicable punishments. Some factors are also included in this type of crime and also the punishments for the crime will help you to differentiate the offense from other crimes related to the sex. In Annapolis Maryland, our experienced lawyers will help you in the case of this crime. In addition to this, it consists of intention of doing wrong things. So a person behaves recklessly then they cannot be considered for this crime. Moreover, sexual assault it includes in oral, anal or vaginal intercourse including with the aggravating factors. It is most dangerous that it is doing on the disabled persons, on the youth and the elderly person. Killing and harming the person bodily is also an aggravating factor. Another factor is to make some one’s life in danger and fear for life is also putting them in distress or also threatening them to the killing if the person. Fear is also imposed by a dangerous weapon

Consent or willingness of the person:

If a person does not have consent to does sexual touch then the criminal considered that he/she forcefully commit the crime? Sex with a kid also seems to be an offense and also an aggravate factors.


It is also listed in the term of a sexual second-degree felony and it attracts a sentence of penalty between two and twenty years in prison. And also fine of $10000.And the punishments for the first degree of a case the sentence is of 5 years and 99 years in prison and also the fine of $10,000.Minimum prison is of 25 years for the person who committed this type of crime, if the age of the victim is 6 years old or less than the 14 years of age due to using the weapon, drugs usage or the defendant tries to kill the kid at the spot. To protect yourself from Aggravated Sexual Battery charge you must need to hire a lawyer for you.